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Erasmus+ project

What is the project about?

The prevalence of obesity in childhood is increasing all over the world and the World Health Organization (WHO) shows the obesity as one of the most important public health problems. Most of these children continue to be obese adults in their lives. Besides, they may have low self-esteem and some social problems. Treatment of obesity is not much effective once it develops so community-based preventive measures in early stages of life seem to be more significant. Treatments after diagnosing the illnesses create financial and emotional costs. When we manage to regulate the basic factors such
as nutrition, physical activities, and weight, we can get more effective result on preventing chronic illnesses rather than treating them. Maintaining a healthy life may not always be easy. Yet, this should never be an excuse to give up on our efforts. We can continue to have a healthy, happy and hopeful life only if we reduce the risks that are threatening our wellbeing. A life with the least amount of risks and threats is an invaluable present for our beloveds and ourselves.


LTTA in Turkey – December 2021

LTTA in Hungary – April 2022

Ebook about the LTTA – https://read.bookcreator.com/jTOrQmjcIihsupFOkrM7SGWAUzK2/uM69GCtZSTiWS758sybRIQ

LTTA in Slovakia – May 2022

LTTA in Italy – September 2022

LTTA in Latvia – 2023

LTTA in France – 2023

What Our Students Say

Taking part in this project is a great chance to get to know new people from different countries and share our ideas about healthy life.

Orsi, Hungary

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